Close to the Heart, Women's Art Exhibition.
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Background to our group

International Women Artists Association–GB was formed in 2001 after the appointment of our Chair, as Vice-President of the International Women Artists Council based in Penang, Malaysia. Our first exhibition International Women’s Art Towards a Sustainable Environment was held in August 2002 in the ‘Clock Tower Gallery’, Northern General Hospital NHS Trust in Sheffield (Sheffield Telegraph article ‘A colourful array of artists to visit’, 20th August 2002).

63 women from nine countries participated and many came over to visit us for the exhibition launch and educational conference with work in the permanent collections of the State Galleries of their countries. Following this exciting and eminent beginning we have gone on to to hold exhibitions of British-based artists our first being Ecology at the ‘Workstation’ in Sheffield, September 2003 (Sheffield Star article ‘Family memories immortalized in Women’s art exhibition’, September 2003).

Australia and the British chapter