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Issue 46 - November 2004>>

Burngreave and Fir Vale Masterplan

Sheffield City Council are now in the third round of public consultation for the Burngreave and Fir Vale Masterplan.

The draft plan is now available which is based on what people liked from the options exhibited in June/ July. The content of the plan is not what will happen, and changes can still be made.

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Issue 42 - July 2004

Messenger cover May 2004Cover Story:
Parkwood tip explodes
Following a series of dramatic explosions at Parkwood landfill, the Environment Agency is investigating the incident, and might prosecute the owners Viridor...

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Burngreave Green Audit
The Green Audit is a survey of what green space there is in Burngreave and how it affects the local community.

Note: No issue in June 2004

Issue 41 - May 2004

Messenger cover May 2004Cover Story:
Verdon Street Post Office to close
It’s sad news for Verdon Street residents as, after months of speculation, their Post Office has been earmarked for closure. Local residents, workers and visitors to the area have begun a petition in opposition...

Future Deals
New Deal are currently negotiating a project with Sheffield Futures to deliver more youth services, but a Futures insider has recently informed the Messenger that youth centres have suffered cut backs as a result of a city-wide spending freeze and redundancies...


Issue 40 - April 2004

Messenger cover April 04.Cover Story:
Investing in the Vestry
The Vestry Hall is an important landmark for Burngreave and one of the most visible signs of neglect in our area. New Deal have now committed to spending money on it, and they hope it will be back in use by September 2005...

Issue 39 - March 2004

Messenger cover March 04.Cover Story:
Outcry over Yemeni leader’s arrest
At an emergency meeting, over one hundred residents and representatives of our city’s Black and diverse communities showed their anger and disbelief at the arrest and the alleged use of racist language towards Mr Abdul Shaif...

Issue 38 - February 2004

Cover Story:
Ellesmere closes early
Residents and families were shocked at the announcement of the sudden closure of Ellesmere Residential Home for older people, the only home specialising in the care of elderly Black people...

Note: No issue in January 2004

Issue 37 - December 2003

Cover Story:
Fury over Parkwood Health Study
Angry residents voiced fury when the North Sheffield Primary Care Trust refused to recommend closure of Parkwood toxic waste dump, despite people living nearer the site reporting higher levels of illness...

Issue 36 - November 2003

Cover Story:
Burngreave Juniors Going Places
Burngreave Juniors helped bring the anti-racism message to 22,000 Wednesday fans...

Football Festival a Great Success
Participants and spectators gathered all day at the Petre Street football festival...

Issue 35 - October 2003

Cover Story:
High hopes for the Hill
With New Deal projects and capital investment getting underway, new business thriving and environmental improvements in the pipeline, the future looks bright for Spital Hill...

Issue 34 - September 2003

Cover Story:
St Catherine’s contaminated
St Catherine’s School will not open at the start of September due to asbestos contamination caused during work on the roof, and the whole school has been sealed off...

Issue 33 - August 2003

Cover Story:
Abbeyfield Park Multicultural Festival.

Note: No issue in July 2003

Issue 32 - June 2003

Cover story:
One down…
The first block of the Woodside estate has been knocked down this month...

Queen celebrates Firvale school success

Issue 31 - May 2003

Cover story:
Euro-cash for Fir Vale and Firshill
Firshill and Fir Vale will share in £800,000 of European ‘Objective One’ money in the next few years, along with Whiteways, Wensley Estate and parts of Grimesthorpe and Shirecliffe...

Abbeyfield Park Festival Postponed

Issue 30 - April 2003

Young people playing cricket.Cover story:
Sports for Burngreave
All is set for big developments in sports for Burngreave with new facilities at Firs Hill Primary School and an important sports planning event held at Verdon Street recently...

War in Iraq, but Pitsmoor
remains one community

Issue 29 - March 2003

"Pitsmoor Against The War" demonstrators.Cover story:
Not in our names!
Hundreds of people from Burngreave made their feelings clear on 15th February at demonstrations against a war in Iraq. 120 people joined up with 5,000 from Sheffield and up to two million nationwide in the biggest demonstration ever seen in the country...

Issue 28 - February 2003

Flowers placed outside a door.Cover story:
Stop the Violence
A meeting took place on 13th January at the SADACCA Day Centre in response to the rise in violence affecting our community. The recent fatal shooting on Spital Hill, combined with another of a man with close ties to this community, has raised major concerns...

Note: No issue in January 2003

Issue 27 - December 2002

David Blunkett MP meets Headteacher Sue Graville, Adult Learning Co-ordinator Laila Wragg and members of the adult learning classes.Cover story:
Lessons for David
Home secretery David Blunkett learnt a thing or two when he visited parents in adult learning at Owler Brook School...

Issue 26 - November 2002

Osborn House.Cover story:
The Osborn Mystery
Many local residents remember this impressive building well, and are shocked that such a valuable community asset should be sold off by the Council...

Issue 25 - October 2002

The Cannon Hall pub, with windows boarded over.Cover story:
What a Terrible Mess!
The property around the Cannon Hall pub, left for derelict over a year ago, has been the target of fly tipping and petty youth crime for many months. Adding to this urban decay is the ex - Esso petrol station, which stood next to the Cannon Hall. It too has now been discarded without notice or warning to the community it served...

Note: No issue in September 2002

Issue 24 - August 2002

Young girl in fancy dress.Cover story:
Another Wonderful Day!
The sun shone on this years Abbeyfield Multicultural Festival...

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