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Issue 41 May 2004

Local resident displays the petition.Verdon Street
Post Office to close

by Rob Smith

It’s sad news for Verdon Street residents as, after months of speculation, their Post Office has been earmarked for closure, one of sixteen across the city. Local residents, workers and visitors to the area have begun a petition in opposition.

Mrs Jackson of Rock Street spoke about the unnecessary stress this will cause those having to walk from Ellesmere up and down Andover Street or Kilton Hill.

“Not to mention the queues and having nowhere to park if ya do drive. Pitsmoor Post Office has no parking and as you know, Ellesmere is a nightmare every Monday and Tuesday morning.”

Postmistress June Jackson and assistant Diane, believe that the office’s services are surely needed, due to the hilly terrain and distance from any other facility.

“Oh yeah this place is a service to Verdon Street and its community,” said another man entering the scene. “Not only do the older folk round here need this place, but it also serves as a community focal point,” continued Mrs Jackson. “If some people ain’t been here to cash their books for the week the Post Office know, like if I go on holiday or something else is amiss.”

The threatened closure may well create a burden for the other community Post Offices, especially with regard to parking and over crowding. Petitions can be found in the community centre, Furnival Café, local newspaper shops, BCAT, and the Post Office itself.


Verdon Street Post Office.

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