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Issue 40 April 2004

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Issue 40 April 2004

Cover story:
Investing in the Vestry

The Vestry Hall is an important landmark for Burngreave and one of the most visible signs of neglect in our area. New Deal have now committed to spending money on it, and they hope it will be back in use by September 2005...

So what about the rest?

Other historic buildings in Burngreave are also in need of use and renovation if they are to avoid falling into the same state as the Vestry Hall...

Buses for Burngreave

New Deal are considering a proposal for two new bus services, to provide local links within Burngreave linking us to Meadowhall and the new manufacturing park proposed for the old Waverly coalfield in Catcliffe...

The Elders Voice

The recent BCAF Quarterly Forum put the focus firmly onto the issues facing older people in Burngreave, and heard concerns following the announcement of the early closure of Ellesmere Residential Home. Council representatives described plans to improve home support and develop new ‘Extra Care Housing’...

ExtraCare –
a vision of the future?

The Council are shifting investment away from residential homes and into to home support services, but many older people still end up in unsuitable houses and often become isolated...

Old Jack Taylor

The house on Skinnerthorpe Road looked very old and was in need of some major repairs. Following coverage in The Star in 2002 improvements were promised, but when Rob visited he wasn’t sure that anyone should be living there. At the age of 76 Mr Jack Taylor still is...

Verdon Street Age Well Group

Every Wednesday some elderly members from our community get together for an afternoon of association inside Verdon Recreation Centre, providing their own coffee, tea, bingo games and prizes...

Everyone learns at school

Community Education Co-ordinators have been working since September 2003 in the four primary schools and three secondary schools that serve the Burngreave New Deal area...

Also includes list of some of the activities and courses you can choose from in your local schools.

Not enough Childcare

Mothers who have spoken out about difficulties they face in finding and paying for childcare in Burngreave have been acknowledged by the creation of the Burngreave Childcare steering group...
Also includes list of Childcare Providors in the area.

Trekking through Mongolia

Ony Bright is a radio presenter and Non-Executive Director at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. In July this year she will be taking part in an eight day charity trek in Mongolia for the Anthony Nolan Trust, whose role is to maintain a national register of potential bone marrow donors...

Writing For My People

Mohamed Bashe has produced and financed the publishing of three books. The Somali Writing Project Parts 1 and 2 are both summaries of Somali writing and photography workshops. It’s an important task of Mohamed’s to try and make his people realise that they too have the ability to write as a form of expression...


X marks the spot

All over Europe the rise of parties like the British National Party (BNP) is a worrying trend. With elections in June 2004, Operation Black Vote urge you to use your vote or register to vote if you haven’t yet done so...

International Women’s Day

This was an event well organised by four young women for the older generation of Arabic women, and a celebration for what women have achieved in the Yemeni Community...

Creative Funding.

Funding is now available from Creative Burngreave for more arts projects in Burngreave. Check out some of the projects that were funded in the last round on these pages...

Page 1

Details about Creative Burngreave and their upcoming Year 2 funding...

Page 2

Profiles for some of the projects funded by Creative Burngreave...

website extra.Page 3

Full list of sponsored projects in 2003/2004...

Arthur gets a lie in

After serving the children, parents and staff of Byron Wood School for the last 22 years, Caretaker Arthur Ward is finally getting a lie in in the morning, as he and his wife Pat, a cleaner at the school, are retiring...

Making room for children

Ellesmere Out of School Project has settled into the new Community Room at Byron Wood School, after months of holding the club in the dining hall. It was open house as mums, dads and children celebrated the move with a huge party, opened by Councillor Jackie Drayton...

Sports news.

Go for Netball

The Burngreave Sports Project, in partnership with South Yorkshire Sport and the Arches Project, has been running coaching sessions for Y5–Y6 girls in local schools for nearly three months...

Cricket Supremo

Rob Smith chats to 20 year old Hedar Rasool, who from the age of 15 has played for many local cricket teams...

Great first season for Burngreave U7s

Club Secretary Rob Jolley brings you his season review of Burngreave under 7s...

Burngreave Sports Project Easter events

Details of sporting sessions in the area...

Time Change for Basketball

Basketball sessions at Fir Vale sports centre...

Spot the Ball Competition

Your chance to win a copy of the Official Encyclopaedia of Sheffield United...

website extra.Race for Life for women

Come and get involved to raise money for breast cancer...

A New Deal for Burngreave

Burngreave Businesses Join Forces

Businesses in Burngreave will be linking up to boost their profile both within Sheffield and beyond, thanks to the recent launch of the Burngreave Business Forum...

Achieving Results!

There’s a lot going on to try and improve educational achievement in Burngreave – such as the Community Learning Campaign, and Community Education Co-ordinators in schools – but how will we know if all this hard work is paying off?

Greening Burngreave!

The Green Environment Programme has made some real advances over the past year in making Burngreave a pleasant environment to work and relax in...

News roundup

Everyone working for New Deal will soon be employed directly by the company, rather than the Council...
The Year 4 Delivery Plan has been agreedand is now with Government Office for final approval...
Around £1 million has been earmarked over the next five years for a number of initiatives for young people...
Includes April Theme Group meetings


Burngreave Area Panel.

Area Panel Local Action Plan 2004-2006

The Burngreave Area Panel has been given nearly £400,000 of Neighbourhood Renewal Fund money to spend on improving the quality of life for local people over the next two years...

News Roundup

Over 40 local residents attended a meeting to talk about traffic problems on Grimesthorpe Road and decide on a way forward...
At the last meeting of the Burngreave Area Panel the Council’s Highways Service came along to talk about the Burngreave Transport Strategy...

Includes details about your Area Panel and next meetings

History of Ellesmere Green

Contrary to what some recent arrivals believe, this is not the last vestige of some ancient village green; in fact in historical terms the ‘Green’ is very modern indeed...


Upset? Angry? Full of Joy? Good news or bad, we want you to have your say...!

Two Pages - 1 2

website extra.Greening up local Surgery

A team of volunteers organised by Burngreave Health Visiting student Mary Thorneloe, with the help of the local Greenwatch Ranger, Henk Littlewood, got their hands dirty to brighten up the grounds around Sheffield Medical Centre on Spital Street...

This month’s issue was produced by the Editorial team:
Farzana Ahmed, Kate Atkinson, Richard Belbin, Annie Blindell, Patrick Edwards, Andrew Green, Mark Lankshear, David Leak, Jamie Marriott, Steve Pool, Carl Rose, Rob Smith, Lisa Swift and Paul Taylor.




The excellent news that New Deal are planning to take on the lease and renovate the Vestry Hall (see main story, left) will be widely welcomed, but some will question why the Council allowed it to fall into dereliction in the first place.

Concern still exists about the future of other Council buildings such as Abbeyfield Park House which needs a new roof, and the recently vacated Pye Bank School which could quickly become derelict (see So what about the rest?)

New Deal funding was always supposed to be about adding value, not replacing existing services, but the Council don’t seem to have the money to fulfil its responsibilities. Are the only options for community assets really dereliction or moving out of public ownership?
The Warm Front team. A government funded initiative.

The Welcome Centre

multi purpose hall
and meeting room

Understanding others
A Cultural Awareness Course

Castle College.

Burngreave Green Environment Programme

Sheffield Post-16 Programme

Are you aged 16–19, from a minority ethnic community and thinking about going into Higher Education?

Then this programme will help get you there!

Somali Housing Aid

SHA aims to help the Somali Community in South Yorkshire in relation to housing matters...

Jobs Fair

Firs Hill School
Saturday 24 April 04
jobs! jobs! jobs!

website extra.Green City Action
Development Worker
£23,000 per annum pro rata.

website extra.Byron Wood Primary School

£5.70 per hour pro-rata + low pay supplement.

Creative Burngreave
Trainee Arts Development Officer
£13,581–14,532 pro-rata.

Education Authority Data & Analysis Team
Research and Analysis Project Officer
50% of £19,185 (pay rise pending).

website extra.Sheffield City Council, Parks Woodlands & Countryside
Project Development Ranger

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