logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 36 - November 2003.

Burngreave Juniors Going Places
by David Ainscough

“We weren’t part of the usual football crowd… we were VIPs going onto the pitch for real.”

Burngreave U7s join the Ozzie Owls under the Kop.

For eighteen aspiring U7s from Burngreave Juniors football squad, the day set out to be a good one and led onto greater things. Kicking off at Petre Street football festival the youngsters all knew that they were going on to take part in their own team training session, in front of the whole Sheffield Wednesday Kop!

As we arrived we waited to be invited through a side entrance close to the SWFC shop. Visiting as part of the club’s action for European Anti-racism Week the lads were accompanied straight out onto the Hillsborough turf by Wednesday manager Brian Hilton and our club secretary Rob Jolley.

There was a short gap, enough to soak up the atmosphere from the growing crowd, eventually 22,599! A set of goalposts set up in front of the famous Kop meant a dribble and shoot out session was soon underway. All the young team had a chance to show off their talent in front of their biggest audience yet.

For me this was a great advert for anti-racism in football, for Burngreave and, of course, a great experience for the United youths. Many thanks to the SWFC staff and the Burngreave Sports network for making this day a reality.