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BCAT Statement

Interfaith Tree Planting

Eid and Christmas Parties

Burngreave Juniors Going Places
Burngreave Juniors helped bring the anti-racism message to 22,000 Wednesday fans...

Football Festival a Great Success
Participants and spectators gathered all day at the Petre Street football festival...

St Catherine's back
St Catherine’s School is open again and raring to go after two month’s closure due to asbestos contamination...

Woodside update:
In the aftermath

Plans for Woodside immediately after the demolition are being made. The Council is under pressure to make the plans, have them agreed by the community and implemented by the end of March 2004...

All roads lead to The Highway
Amidst the rubble of demolition and tearing down of Pye Bank and Woodside, I went and spoke to Paul and Cathy Stead who have been running The Highway public house for over fifteen years...

Housing repairs scandal
Kier Sheffield, who are responsible for the maintenance of Council properties, presented a glowing report to the Council. However the Messenger heard that two families are having severe problems with maintenance in their Council homes...

the Learning Campaigners

Since the Learning Campaign began, the 18-strong team of assistants has helped over 400 Burngreave residents kick-start their adult learning. The Messenger called in to see campaigner Steph Briddon for her views on what it all means...

Now that the children are back at school we unfortunately have the return of the dreaded head louse into our homes. Alpa Ghelani, the pharmacist at Lloyds Chemist on Ellesmere Road, has some advice to pass on to everyone...

Community Rep interview
Rob Smith interviews Dorrett Buckley-Greaves who was elected in April as one of the Community Reps on the New Deal Partnership Board...

Working together
Staff at Burngreave Community Action Trust and Burngreave Community Action Forum volunteers pulled together a fantastic AGM in October, focusing on activities for children and young people...

Sports News

Self-defence for women and girls
Burngreave Sports Development team has joined forces with a female martial arts instructor to run weekly self-defence classes, strictly for women and girls only...

All Nations Adult Football League
Yemeni United, Kurdistan United and The Boyz in Reggae all took part in the Football Unites, Racism Divides All Nations League tournament at the Hallam FM Academy, and emerged to be amongst the strongest teams...

Running for fun
Local woman Pauline Neita has been involved in the London Sports Forum for disabled people and took part in her first five-kilometre run at the age of forty-one...

Results and Fixtures
News from Burngreave U7s and Earl Marshal U8s...

Courses and Facilities
Coaching courses, Table Tennis clubs, Basktball school...

Sports facility for hire
Details for hiring Firshill's sports area...

Firshill School event
Over a hundred children and their parents, carers and families joined in craft, sport and IT activities for Family Learning Weekend at Firshill School...

Aye 'n' I Studio
Working since May and situated inside SADACCA Community Centre, Paul Anwar, a well-established photographer, opened his services to the community as Aye ’n’ I Studio...

Petre Street through the ages
Petre Street has seen many changes over the years. As the industrial revolution got underway, it saw factories and terraced housing spring up, followed by a wooden shanty town for munitions workers during the First World War...

New plans to revitalise the Wicker
The City Council and Renaissance South Yorkshire have recently appointed a multi-disciplinary team of consultants to develop a regeneration strategy for Nursery Street and Wicker area...

Eid Mubarak!
Gabby Spinks talks to Rashida Hassanali and her children about what it is like at Eid in their house...

Black Drugs Service AGM
Supporters and board trustees of Sheffield’s Black Drugs Service, gathered inside St Mary’s Church Bramall Lane, to overview the year’s works and achievements...

Children's activities
A call to all Children's Festive Party Helpers and details of new After School activities at Verdon Street...

Many residents are suffering again this year from nuisance fireworks. They’re loud and dangerous and seem to get bigger each year...

Creative Burngreave launch
Held inside the newly-furbished Spectrum Centre, Brunswick Road, Creative Burngreave launched an initiative to develop arts and creativity...

Celebration of skills
Certificates were presented by Lord Mayor Diane Leek to groups from all over Sheffield...

The Message
Rob Smith tries to find what’s been going on in Burngreave to mark Black History Month...

Black School Exclusion - A Professional Perspective
A frank and sincere discussion reflecting two opposing views of why black exclusions may be happening and why they should not...

A New Deal for Burngreave

A Driving Force!
An innovative partnership between Burngreave New Deal for Communities and Nationwide Ethnic Transport Training will teach 160 local people to drive over the next three years...

Support for would be interpreters
People in Burngreave who would like to use their language skills to find work as interpreters or translators can now turn to the Burngreave Language Support Agency for help...

Facelift for Catherine Street Park
BNDfC has linked up with a team of architecture students in a project aimed at making Catherine Street Park a safer, friendlier place...

Burngreave Small Grants Fund 2
It is expected that up to £400,000 will be allocated to the Grant Fund annually. We welcome applications from organisations wishing to be included on the list of candidates invited to tender...

Launch of Over-Arching Theme
In Burngreave, the community recognised that there needed to be a theme supporting community strength to help residents to get involved with the regeneration of the area...

Burngreave Area Panel

Spending doubled to clean up Burngreave
More resources than ever are going into cleaning up Burngreave. That was the message from the Council’s Street Force Service at the public meeting of the Area Panel on 2nd October...

Supporting Local Groups
The Area Panel aims to support local groups who are working to improve the lives of people in this area. One way we do this is by providing small grants to local groups...

Regenerating Woodside
Would you like to have a say in the future of the Woodside...?

Plus: Area Panel Meetings and Events...

Carwood Mini Market Opens
Khalid and Nugat Hussain, along with their young family, have taken on a brave venture by opening Carwood’s local shop and mini market...

Community Radio Back on the Agenda!
Burngreave Community Radio (BCR) is working with Burngreave New Deal for Communities (BNDfC) to look at setting up a new community radio station in Burngreave...

A vision for Parkwood
Steam trains on the railway at the bottom of Parkwood Springs? A cable car transporting people from Neepsend to the top of the hill? Just two of the ideas from the Community Vision Regeneration Action Plan...


Firework.This month’s issue was produced by the Editorial team:
Richard Belbin, Martin Currie, Patrick Edwards, Cathy Everard, Andrew Green, Nab Jordan, Mark Lankshear, Jamie Marriott, Steve Pool, Rob Smith, Gaby Spinks, Lisa Swift, Paul Taylor, Louise Vennells and Kyle Williams.


Burngreave Messenger

Burngreave Kicks Off!

This month’s Messenger is packed with sporting success from across the area.

New teams are springing up and bringing people of all ages and cultures together.

Women aren’t left out as this month's Sports News shows, and there are coaching courses, table tennis, basketball, self-defence, fun runs and hope for new sports facilities (Petre Street through the ages).


We were sorry to hear of the recent resignation of the director of BCAT. This is the most recent example of difficulties experienced by community organisations. Behind the arguments and personality clashes lie more basic problems of funding and lack of training and support for staff.

We hope when such problems occur, funders such as BNDfC will give the support local organisations need to run projects competently, rather than giving up on them and bringing in outside controllers. Local people need to show how they value their organisations by participating in them positively. Otherwise projects may be passed to the Council, and our community will be stigmatised as incompetent to run its own affairs.

BCAT Statement

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Is there anyone out there who would like to get together to do some patchwork and quilting at Recycling Matters, 127 Spital Hill

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Beginners would be welcome.

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Kashmir Educational Trust (KET) – Announcement

Due to some changes in the funding arrangements for the proposed study support service (see September Messenger), the weekend school classes opening soon for children of Kashmiri and Pakistani origin will now initially concentrate on Key Stage 3–4 pupils (age range 13–16+).

However, once the programme has started, KET will be working with BNDfC to provide classes for younger pupils (age range 9–12, Key Stage 2–3).

The KET team is very thankful to people who have telephoned and offered voluntary assistance after reading about the project in the Messenger.

M Younis
KET Project Manager (voluntary).
Tel: 272 8811; 242 3855 (eve).