logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 35 - October 2003.
High hopes for the Hill 
With New Deal projects and capital investment getting underway, new businesses thriving and environmental improvements in the pipeline, the future looks bright for Spital Hill.

Recycling Matters.

The Lord Mayor, excited enough to crush a can, with Nicola Freeman and Recycling Matters Director Saleema Iman.

Sunshine greeted the Lord Mayor, Councillor Diane Leek, as she officially opened this new centre on Spital Hill, dedicated to developing recycling, re-use and repair.

Nicola Freeman, Information Development Worker, explained how they had renovated the premises, which had been boarded up ever since it was built, using only recycled and reused materials.

The result is a light, welcoming space that will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am–4pm, providing information and advice. They will be touring schools and community groups and setting up recycling sites around the area, so why not drop in to this newest addition to Spital Hill, or call them on 275 8985.

New life for old DSS building

Sorby House.

New Deal have bought Sorby House from its private owner for £660,000 and hope to bring in millions of pounds of external funding to fix it up. They’ve been gathering views on how it should be used, and about what else is needed to make Spital Hill the thriving centre many want to see.

Kids look at the options available for Sorby House.Joice Richards, Housing and Environment theme manager, explained it would provide both business and community premises and pay for itself, becoming a permanent asset for the community. Rose Ardron, community rep, told the Messenger that demand for space was already high.

At a recent event people voted on, or put forward their own ideas, for Spital Hill. A gym and sports hall came out top, but others, like the advice lounge, meeting rooms, children’s facilities and radio station were also popular. People stressed the need for a supermarket and bank, or at least a cash machine and for improvements to be carried out in an environmentally friendly way.

Have your say

The new Advancing Together agreement with the Council includes plans for the Vestry Hall to become a learning centre and New Deal projects on Spital Hill are getting underway. But plans are not yet finalised. If you’d like to make suggestions or talk to the New Deal about what should happen, contact Carol Anderson from the Engagement Team on 292 0460.

If you’d like advice about setting up or running a business why not contact the New Deal Business Support Champion, Saghir Ahmed on 292 0463.