logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 32 - June 2003

One down…

The first block of the Woodside estate has been knocked down this month. The site foreman told the Messenger this was a test, to see how difficult it would be to demolish blocks on such a steep slope.They’re planning to leave the trees to help stabilise the site, which will be grassed over for the foreseeable future.

Previous reports suggested the site could be left for at least five years, and then be sold for private development, but housing officials have said they are open to suggestions.

The demolition of the first block has gone smoothly, taking about eight weeks. Plans are in place for demolition of the rest of the estate, although no timetable has been set yet. The Messenger continues to receive complaints from the remaining residents, angry about neglect and concerned about the disruption during demolition.


The first block of the Woodside estate is demolished.

Workmen survey the demolition proceedings.