logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 30 - April 2003.

War in Iraq, but Pitsmoor
remains one community

By Ian Clifford

Despite global tension and conflict, voices across Burngreave and Sheffield are calling on everyone to help keep harmony in our community.

Burngreave resident, Matloub Husayn Ali Khan of the Muslim of the Youth & Community Council said:

“All the research shows that the vast majority of people, including the majority of Muslims, believe that there is no reason why Muslims and non-Muslims should not live together in harmony and that both Muslims and non-Muslims should do more to understand each other.

This research has been backed up by audience responses from our local PCM Radio Broadcast two years ago and more recently by Radio Ramadhan where hundreds of listeners rang to support the view of tolerance and increased understanding of each other.
The question arises, as to how included and at peace most Muslims in the Burngreave area actually feel, while western media chauvinism demonises Islam and portrays the war on terror as a war against Islam.”

People are being encouraged to report any racist incidents to:

Andy Christian, Community Safety Team: 273 5971
(For serious incidents – phone 999)

Report racist graffiti to the Direct Services call centre: 273 4567


A joint statement by the great and the good in Sheffield, including bishops, Seaton Gosling and Jonathan Crossley-Holland expresses hopes that disputes elsewhere in the world do not spoil community harmony in Sheffield:

"We unequivocally condemn and oppose any racially aggravated violence or incitement to racial and religious hatred generated by this conflict. We support the strongest possible action against all perpetrators of racially aggravated violence and incitement to racial and religious hatred.

To help us maintain and improve Sheffield’s good community relations, we call upon Sheffield citizens to ensure that everyone is respected and supported at this difficult time.

We are a community and whatever happens we will still be a community".