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Lester Divers - Rest In Peace
by Rob Smith

The funeral service produced a turn out that had never before been seen in this community. Vicar of Christ Church, Rev Martyn Snow, spoke powerfully of anger and love, injustice and justice.

People marched in memory at the needless death of Lester Divers, who like all of us had just entered the first day of this New Year, only to have his life cold bloodedly taken away.

I also walked alongside his family and many others, recognizing not only the death of someone well known, revered and liked by sections of this community, but to also make a statement that was voiced clearly and rebounded from the speaker system for me and others inside and stood outside the church grounds.

" We must take note of this tragedy", said one of the many speakers, "And learn lessons from the way of life that we all know may well have conributed to the untimely death of Lester Divers. We must put down the guns".


People march in memory at the needless death of Lester Divers.