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Not in our names!

Hundreds of people from Burngreave made their feelings clear on 15th February at demonstrations against a war in Iraq.

Coaches were overflowing for the London demonstration. 120 people joined up with 5,000 from Sheffield and up to two million nationwide in the biggest demonstration ever seen in the country. "Most of us couldn't even get into Hyde Park, but we were proud to have played a part in the protest against a barbaric war", said John Lawson.

At a meeting in Nether Edge last month Pitsmoor Against the War (PATWAR) members presented Richard Caborn MP with a petition signed by 500 local people and demanded to know why he had twice cancelled a meeting with them to discuss their objections to the war. Handing the petition over Alison Higgins said "most Pitsmoor people are strongly opposed to this war, and it is only right that our MP should listen to his electors concerns".

Mr Caborn promised to hold a meeting in the area in the near future. He spoke passionately about the need for intervention but told the meeting, "If we can avoid that and come out with a solution that is accepted by the UN there will be no one more happy than me".

PATWAR is also supporting both the Sheffield demonstration on Saturday 8th March and the national call for walkouts on the day the war starts. PATWAR supporter Claire Walsh said: "As a health worker I see what such destruction does to people's lives and I want to make a gesture that shows that people can make a difference".

A demonstration is planned for the day war breaks out, at 5pm on the Town Hall steps.

PATWAR can be contacted on 0114 275 5581 or 07790 612 473.


Burngreave residents join the anti war demo in London, carrying a 'Pitsmoor Against the War' banner.

Up to two million people nationwide took part in the biggest demonstration ever seen in the country.

Burngreave people take part in a "die-in" outside Sheffield Cathedral on 15th February.