logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 28 February 2003





Book tokens: “Thanks, but…”
by Gaby Spinks

Most children and parents in Burngreave were pleasantly surprised to receive £10 book tokens this Christmas, but some have asked how New Deal got children’s isnformation and where the long term strategy was.

Local mother of two, Kate Atchison, was ‘pleasantly surprised’ but felt there were better uses for £25,000 “…a sustainable strategy as opposed to a one off gesture”.

The kids at Firs Hill Out of School Club had nearly all bought new books with their tokens, although one boy had sold his token to his mother for £5 and some exchanged their book tokens for CDs or DVDs. Some parents and children have asked where New Deal got their children’s names from, and the BCAF children and young people’s group is raising this issue with BNDfC. The Book Token project was taken to the group who made several alternative suggestions for spending the money.

New Deal told the Messenger: “The tokens were distributed on BNDfC’s behalf by the Local Education Authority and the Health Authority. BNDfC did not have access to any of this information. The project was aimed at raising the profile of BNDfC, encouraging people to become actively involved and encouraging children’s interest in books and reading. We are looking carefully at any suggestions we receive and working with the Children and Young People’s group and the Education Theme Group to implement them.”


"Happy Reading from Burngreave New Deal for Communities."

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