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New Deal calls for community involvement in themes

New Deal has just set up new structures and is calling for the community to get involved with the key themes for spending the money: Employment, Education, Environment, Housing, Health, Crime and an Over-Arching theme.

Theme Forums
Each theme will have a monthly Forum, open to all residents. Health and Crime Theme Manager, Magda Boo told the Messenger that these forums are places for residents to bring ideas and identify problems. There will be information and discussion about future plans. Although the Forums will not have the power to formally endorse or reject projects, they can make suggestions for the sorts of activities and projects local people think should be funded.

Theme Strategy Groups
These are the groups with the decision making powers. The idea is that a small group of people with expertise in the theme area will come together to develop the strategy and approve spending. Director, John Clark, has promised that 50% or more of the membership of these groups should come from the community sector, whether through residents or community and voluntary sector service providers.

Plans for 2003–4
As the deadline for the year three plan approaches, the Messenger brings you details of how the different themes are spending the New Deal money this year and where you can have your say:

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Over arching.
Employment and Enterprise.


Projects are up and running except for those marked (P) which are proposed.
Figures are approximate and in thousands.
The Messenger asks “Where does the real power lie?”
Many residents will still be asking “Why bother to get involved?” Here the Messenger offers its opinion of where power lies and why it's still worth getting involved...