logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 28 February 2003.





Stop the Violence

Isolated incidents
by Mark Lankshear

Sgt Adrian Fox informed the Messenger that since the stabbing and shootings over six months ago, there have been no other high-profile incidents in Burngreave until the two recent murders.

“These isolated incidents take place within a section of society, who chose a lifestyle that puts them at risk. They accept violence as part of life and don’t want any police involvement.”

No complaints were made concerning the stabbing or gunfire and the police admit this makes investigations difficult. Despite this Insp Bichard stressed that a massive team of officers, as part of a national operation, were investigating the recent murders. “Arrests have been made but no charges brought yet.”

The Inspector also added that patrols in the area have been tripled in response to people’s real fear of being caught in the crossfire.

“Although this has a deterrent effect in the short term, sustained change can only come from working to improve education and the environment and preventing twelve to thirteen year olds from choosing exclusion.”