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In this issue:

The Osborn Mystery
Many local residents remember this impressive building well, and are shocked that such a valuable community asset should be sold off by the Council...

Boom time for Bins!
Many residents will be shocked to learn that the huge explosions people have been hearing nightly are caused by young people putting fireworks into metal Council litter bins...

Prompt burial service
The City Council’s Bereavement Service has launched a major information drive aimed at the Muslim community within Burngreave and across Sheffield...

A Real Natural Champion
Big respect to the recently crowned Great Britain over 50s Natural Body Building Champion, Lloyd Stuart...

Women and the art of car maintenance
Women who are fed up with having to wait for a man to change a flat tyre or check their oil are being offered the chance to learn basic car maintenance skills on a new training course supported by the Learning and Skills Council South Yorkshire...

Burngreavers go to Goa
Local residents Beverley Blake and Ian Pugh are preparing for an exciting trip to Goa in November, but this is not a holiday break, they are going to help the poverty stricken children of the area...

Woodside update
Tthe City Council have decided to clear the entire Woodside estate, wavy roofs and all. A ‘green space’ will be created, and left for up to five years, long-term plans having not been decided...

Shops and buisnesses that feature most
Barry's Café, PRIDE Unisex (Muslim) Hair & Beauty Salon and 'The Shop'.

Sure Start – Watch this Space
With no permanent director in place for some months, much of Sure Start’s spending has stopped or is being reviewed, including grants to local child care providers and free stair gates...



Pitsmoor Children Labelled?
Personal information about 40,000 plus ‘vulnerable’ children in Sheffield, a third of all children, may soon be available to a range of agencies, including the police, through a new ‘web-based portal’...

Green Growth for Burngreave
Burngreave’s green spaces are about to receive a £1.3 million boost through an exciting new project called the Burngreave Green Environment Programme, funded by New Deal for Communities, which aims to transform the area’s parks, green places and open spaces...

Firs Hill Amalgamation
The sound of running feet preceded a multicultural wave of small nursery and primary school children and marks the opening ceremony for the amalgamation of Firs Hill Nursery Infant and Junior Schools...

A New Deal for Burngreave
N.D.C. Burngreave.News from the New Deal executive team.

Burngreave Area Panel
The latest from Stuart Bolton, Area Panel co-ordinator.

The Interview
Sim Sparkes was born in Sheffield in 1964. The son of the vicar of Christ Church he lived with his brothers and sisters in the vicarage on Pitsmoor Road. He has been teaching for 16 years and works at a Primary school in Rotherham...

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The Month of Ramadhan
The month of Ramadhan is significant for Muslims because it was during Ramadhan when the Quran was revealed. It is also when Muslims look for the new moon to begin fasting. Fasting (siyam in Arabic) means to abstain from something, during this times Muslims refrain from eating and drinking between dawn and dusk...

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Body Builder Lloyd Stuart proudly displays his trophies and muscles. (see 'A Real Natural Champion' for details).