logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 25 October 2002.

What a Terrible Mess!

Anger at the deprivation and neglect around Fir Vale can be well understood. The property around the Cannon Hall pub, left for derelict over a year ago, has been the target of fly tipping and petty youth crime for many months.

Adding to this urban decay is the ex - Esso petrol station, which stood next to the Cannon Hall. It too has now been discarded without notice or warning to the community it served. Area Coordinator Stuart Bolton explained what he’d heard, while also admitting his surprise at the sudden closure of the garage.

“With Petrol tanks not meeting EC standards not only our local garage but many others have been closed rather than pay hundreds of thousands to have the work carried out. ”

Since the Messenger ‘s enquires, the garage and the Cannon Hall have been boarded over and secured, but the whole area still looks a terrible mess. The people of Firvale, Page Hall and Burngreave, just like those of Dore or Heeley, deserve an explanation for the failings in environmental standards and the poor quality of life.

We hope that the Firvale Forum will enjoy the same success for Firvale that the Area Panel have had in making improvements to the Burngreave area (see Burngreave Area Panel).


The Cannon Hall pub, with windows boarded over.

Abandoned, burnt out car left outside the pub.