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Issue 24 August 2002

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Cover Story:
Another Wonderful Day!
The sun shone on this years Abbeyfield Multicultural Festival...
People enjoying the festival.

Also In this issue:
Paper picks on local pub
The News of the World wanted to run a story about how crack cocaine had spread from the inner-city ghettos to the middle-class suburbs … so they came to Pitsmoor. And that wasn’t the only thing odd about the story...

Should they burn rubbish in the centre of our city?
Decision time is coming for the new incinerator proposal. The Council Planning Board will meet soon, probably in September, to decide on Onyx’s application to replace the current incinerator with a giant twice the size...

Leagues Ahead:
Normanton Pool Champs

The Normanton Pub Pool team based at the friendly local on Earldom Road have taken the local pool league by storm...

Time to start performing
Few will be surprised at the announcement that, in the first year of Burngreave New Deal for Communities, only £175,000 was spent on projects out of a planned £2.1 million. That’s something like a 92% underspend. So what’s gone wrong? The Messenger spoke to Partnership Board Community Reps Rose Ardron and Levi Ferguson...

Community Learning Campaign:
Another Step Forward

Over 100 local people will be employed to spearhead a community learning campaign for Burngreave, if New Deal gives its support to an exciting new plan. Local organisations have endorsed an ambitious proposal to take learning into the community which is designed to reach out to almost three thousand local adults over the next five years...

Shops and Businesses that feature most
Rob Smith visits Spiritual Wines, Ronian Video and the newly opened Discount Call Shop.

Mental illness - Treating the causes?
Matloub Husayn Ali Khan argues that the views of some psychiatrists lead to a cycle of dependency and re-admission...

Time to talk
This month the North Sheffield Primary Care Trust have decided to invest £90, 000 into primary care based counseling / psychotherapy services...

Small grants fund - it could be you!!
Chetna has a grants fund for community and voluntary groups who are wanting up to £500 for activities like health days, training for local people on health, or for support groups to raise awareness around a specific health issue...


Joined up or cut off?
What will the new road mean to us?

In two years time a major new road could be built between Burngreave and the centre of the city. It would complete Sheffield’s inner relief road, running from Parkway across the Wicker and through to Shalesmoor...
Wicker map.

Yemeni Youth Conference 2002
When three young Yemeni youths from Sheffield decided to research the needs of Yemeni youths, no one was quite prepared for the outcome...

Gardening on a balcony
If you live in a flat and only have a small balcony instead of a garden, you can still enjoy growing flowers and maybe even some fruit and veg as well...

A New Deal for Burngreave
News from the New Deal executive team.

Burngreave Area Panel
The latest from Stuart Bolton, Area Panel co-ordinator.

The Interview
The middle child out of a family of five, Deborah Quinton was born in 1974, at the Northern General Hospital. She went to Firs Hill Infant and Junior Schools and then on to Firth Park. Deborah has always lived in the area and still meets regularly with her friends from school...

Letters Page
Upset? Angry? Full of Joy? Good news or bad, this is where you have your say...

Letter offends families
200 members of the Somali community met at Verdon Street Rec to protest about a letter sent to every Somali family in Sheffield by the Sheffield Area Child Protection Committee (SACPC)...

Call for peace as ex-PM visits Pitsmoor
Mr Mahmood, former Prime Minster of Azad Kashmir, was on a whistle stop tour of towns in Yorkshire and the North West...

Work on progress at BCAT
Work has commenced at BCAT premises to renovate the first floor, and the NDfC executive team and Government office have given a commitment to protect the current function of BCAT and help to develop the project...

A Time To Reflect
On 14th and 15th of August the nations of India and Pakistan will mark their 55th year of independence. The past twelve months have seen the two countries close to war a number of times.

International Women's art comes to Burngreave
Art from women all over the world will be exhibited from the 23rd August to October 4th, Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, at the Clock Tower Gallery at Northern General Hospital...


As this phase of the Messenger project finally comes to an end, New Deal Director John Clark has said “the Messenger is an essential communication vehicle for the community and New Deal and we must try to ensure no editions are missed.”

We hope this means the Messenger will be back soon. Thanks again to our staff for their excellent work supporting all our voluntary contributions and putting up with the recent uncertainty.

This months issue was produced by the editorial team: Lisa Swift, Andrew Green, Mark Lankshear, Rob Smith, Shaffaq Mohammed, Ian Clifford, Matloub Husayn Ali Khan, Richard Belbin, Gaby Spinks, Martin Currie, Kim Streets and Richard Hanson.

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