Burngreave Messenger.
Issue 41 May 2004

A student displays their work and certificate.Sewing success

by Rob Smith

I went to the Furnival Café to see the work produced by local women on the successful cross stitching and creative workshop, and to find out what the group felt they’d achieved…

“We have formed friendships, and have shared ideas.” explained Fatima, “We have all gained cross stitch skills and have thoroughly enjoyed the course and meeting each other.

“Some of us are from other countries, so language has been difficult. Thankfully there are members of the group with English as a first language and confidence has been gained for those without by everyone helping each other. We’ve encouraged each other and gained the confidence to go on and do new things. It’s given us the chance to mix with people from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.”

“Some of us are going to take cross stitch and sewing up as a hobby and a few of us would like to go onto further education. I don’t think we have planned to put in for more funding for this particular course, but it may be something worth thinking about…”


A student displays their work.
Photos Copyright © Carl Rose   
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