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Issue 41 May 2004


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Dear Messenger,

Congratulations on the two-page feature on domestic abuse, and publicising the launch of the new Domestic Abuse Project for Burngreave (issue 39 March 2004) – the launch went very well and the helpline has started receiving referrals.

It’s great to see a thriving local newspaper reflecting a wide range of issues and concerns, and to realise the amount of community activism that’s going on in Burngreave.

For future reference, the statistic quoted at the top of the first page should say that domestic abuse, “…accounts for a quarter of all recorded violent crime”. We know that much more goes unrecorded, this is a common mistake.

Our only other concern was that the contact list included our number for Sheffield DA Forum, when in fact we don’t provide any services. Never mind, hopefully none of this will cause problems for service users.

Maureen Storey
Co-ordinator, Sheffield Domestic Abuse Forum

Burngreave Domestic Abuse Project offers confidential practical and emotional support to women who have experienced domestic abuse, helping to change their situation and recover from their experience. The team includes English, Urdu, Punjabi and Mirpuri speakers. Other translators can be arranged. Helpline: 272 6021.



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