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Issue 41 May 2004

Arnold Clarke vans parked on Abbeyfield Road.Letters

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Dear Messenger,

When is a road is not a road? When Arnold Clarke decide it’s an extension to their forecourt, and park their stock on both sides of Abbeyfield Road. These are usually vans – which make it difficult to see over or around them.

Arnold Clarke are not breaking any laws by parking on Abbeyfield Road but this is a busy area which services a GP practice, a chemist as well as being the only area where most residents are able to park their own vehicles. Parked cars often obscure visibility for drivers exiting or entering Holtwood Road. This is an accident waiting to happen.

When Arnold Clarke park their vans/cars outside their premises on Burngreave Road, they often park on the pavement, which can force children and parents to walk in the road in order to pass to get to school.

All I am asking is if a profit-making company uses community resources in order to make more money, should they not remember that community in some way?

Mr & Mrs Angry (Holtwood Road)




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