Burngreave Messenger.
Issue 41 May 2004

OPEN UP sheffield.

Burngreave is again part of the city-wide event where artists invite the public into their studios and work spaces.

Abbeyfield Stables will be open 1st and 2nd May 11am–5pm for ‘My Environment’ exhibition with interactive workshops.

Artist: Lois Palframan,
47 Firshill Close, 243 5504
Environmental drawings

Artist: Panni Poh Yoke Loh,
41 Holtwood Road, 273 8113
Photos, paintings, video

Both Open 8–9th May


Cartoon: Saw Wood Saw.


Cartoon: The Farmers Cut (Pony Tail, Pig Tails, a Goatie and Udder-arm Hair!)
Cartoon: Catfish.
Cartoon: Havin' a Laugh.
Cartoon: Fight.


Burngreave artist Patrick Amber (aka Ka-Boom! Creations), who regularly features in the Messenger, is exhibiting his illustrations and murals at the Simunye Café, as part of Open Up 2004, at 229 London Road.

The exhibition “Havin’ a Laugh!” mixes up work which reflects the darker side as well as humour. The exhibition runs 26th April–9th May.


“I’ve been persevering with my art work for the best part of 20 years. All my life I’ve known this is what I want to do. But this is my first exhibition and it’s a real landmark; it’s a statement about my confidence in myself and about pride in what I do”.

Patrick’s illustrations turn the often tragic into comic situations, having animals, animated inanimate objects or drunken townies step in to act these episodes out. Tales of seduction, alcohol, love and hate and farcical humour delight his imagination and pen.

A folio of photographs of Patrick’s murals and other work, including mural projects with youth groups and schools, will also be available to view.

Contact Patrick on 0793 111 7079.


Cartoon: Slugs.

Cartoon: Bad Hare Day - by Night.

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