Burngreave Messenger.
Issue 41 May 2004

Breast Feeding Awareness

by Charlotte Hall

The World Health Organization and the government promote the benefits of breast feeding for at least six months. Major benefits to mother and child are better immunity for your child, speedy returns to health for mum, protection from childhood disease for child.

Other events

Breast feeding awareness week events are as follows in Burngreave and Fir Vale.

Displays, talks & information
9th May • Fir Vale Forum, Fir Vale School
11th May 12.30–2.30pm • Earl Marshall Youth Centre
12th May 9.30–11.30am • Verdon Recreation Centre
12th May 1–4pm• Pitsmoor Surgery

As well as at most ante-natal clinics within our area during this week.

For more information on Breast Feeding Awareness Week, contact Saduf Khan (Parental Involvement Co-ordinator for Burngreave & Fir Vale Sure Start) on 244 3887.

Pictures below to be included in the forthcoming Sure Start breast feeding booklet: “I did it… So can you”.

Drawing by Ellen.

By Ellen (aged 9)


Drawing by Billy.

By Billy (aged 6)



Moon.Breast feeding
book launch

Friday 14th May

Verdon Recreation Centre

Crèche – Lunch

Mother and baby illustration.

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