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Issue 41 May 2004

ASTRA reopen Carwood Centre

by Rob Smith

14th April marked the reopening of Carwood Community centre after being closed for over eight years following vandalism. Jean Wood, Chair of ASTRA (All Saints Tenants’ and Residents’ Association), was in attendance for this occasion, which included food, drink, face painting, marble games and balloons.

Carwood tenant Charles Noel, a resident since 1987, said “I’m glad it’s now reopened, we need a centre for people to meet and discuss issues that affect the Carwood community.”

The attendance of Councillors Jackie Drayton, Ibrar Hussain and Steve Jones, Street Force, Area K Housing, the Area Panel, Community Wardens, the Anti-social behaviour team and other agencies showed the centre was open for business.

Dave Fisher, Carwood tenant, explained the progress ASTRA have made, “We now have the structure to pull in resources and this is the time for others to get involved to pool ideas for positive activities and initiatives to benefit us all here.”

“It is wonderful to see it open again and knowing it will be used by local residents after years of neglect,” said Councillor Drayton, “Along with local residents, we have campaigned and received £5,000 from the Area Panel and money from the area housing department to make this happen.”

Councillor Hussain also spoke of future plans to hold surgeries at the centre “Not only for ourselves, but the BNDfC Police team, Anti-social behaviour Team, Community Wardens and Housing, on dates advertised and displayed around the centre.” It is also envisaged that the centre will hold classes and activities for all ages.

The Street Force team spoke of the work they’d done around Carwood, including the control of fly tipping, fixing fences for elderly people and litter picking. The team all believe it’s a great idea that the Carwood Estate now has its own centre.

To get involved with ASTRA contact Jean Wood on 243 3775.


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