Sheffield City Council: Burngreave Area Panel (prepared by Kieron Williams, Area Co-ordinator).
Issue 41 May 2004

All Postal Vote for Sheffield’s New Ward Boundaries

Sheffield’s electoral ward boundaries change in June. This means that every seat on the City Council will be up for election next month. There will also be elections for the European Parliament at the same time.

However, these changes will not affect MPs until the next general election. In the meantime your local MPs Richard Caborn (Central) and David Blunkett (Brightside) will continue to represent the same areas they do at present.

The elections will be an all-postal vote. Voting forms will be sent out at the end of May to everyone on the electoral role. These will need to be returned by the close of polling on the 10th June.

The new boundaries set by the Electoral Commission will mean changes to most wards in the city with some having completely new names. The Commission has also reduced the number of seats on the Council from 87 to 84 which means that there will be 28 wards, one fewer than before.

You can see copies of detailed maps showing the new wards at Electoral Services Reception at the Town Hall or on the Council’s website at:

In this area the Burngreave ward will now be extended to include Shirecliffe and all of Fir Vale (including Wensley, Page Hall and the Northern General). However it will no longer include Attercliffe or the lower Don Valley, which will go into the Darnall ward, or the Nursery Street/Wicker area, which will go into Central ward.

If you would like to know more about these elections or the new ward boundaries please call the Council’s Electoral Services on 273 4093.

Lookout for your voting form and don’t forget to return your vote.


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