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Issue 40 April 2004

ExtraCare – a vision of the future?

by Mark Lankshear

Older people no longer want to move into residential care and want to be able to maintain their independence at home. The Council are shifting investment away from residential homes and into to home support services, but many older people still end up in unsuitable houses and often become isolated.

One possible solution is the development of ‘Extra Care Housing’ villages and the BCAF meeting gave a warm greeting to Angela Rowland from the Council as she explained how they would work.

Extra Care Housing provides homes for anyone older than 55, built alongside a host of facilities like shops, leisure facilities, services and meeting spaces. By providing affordable homes for rent or sale to older people with a wide range of care needs, from full independence to those who would otherwise need residential care, the idea is that people would not need to move as their needs change, but more help could be easily brought to them.

ExtraCare, the charity that has pioneered this model of housing around the country, say that they offer ‘a lifestyle that challenges traditional outmoded concepts of ageing’ and they put great emphasis on encouraging independence.

There is one scheme already open in Norfolk Park and the Council hope to develop more around the city. They gave the go-ahead for a 250 place development in Woodhouse last December, but the plans drew criticisms from existing residents who complained it would become a ghetto, and that the new facilities wouldn’t be available to them and would devalue their homes.

To learn more about the plans for Extra Care Housing contact Angela Rowlands on 273 4765.


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