Burngreave Messenger.
Issue 40 April 2004

Writing For My People

by Rob Smith

Arriving in Sheffield from Liverpool in 1996 Mohamed Bashe had already successfully produced one book while living in the Toxteth area of Liverpool.

Having resided in Burngreave for over six years, Mohamed has continued his writing, and has produced and financed the publishing of three books. The Somali Writing Project Part 1 and Somaliland Calling Part 2 are both summaries of Somali writing and photography workshops.

It’s an important task of Mohamed’s to try and make his people realise that they too have the ability to write as a form of expression.

“We have had a long history of unsettlement and political problems, that unless we learn to communicate in written form, recording our history, then everyone including our children will not know how we came about.”

Mohamed’s third book ‘My First Childhood Holiday – From Sheffield to Oslo’ concentrates on recording his son’s upbringing as a first-generation Somali child raised here.

“This is also an important step to encourage other Somali children and their parents not to be afraid to write. My son has recorded his visits to Oslo and other countries he’s travelled to. This is to show others that we have a need to travel and keep links with relatives unfortunately divided between countries all over the world.”

Mohamed himself has produced and financed all the books he’s written by using Hallam Printing.

“I believe there is a need for more concentration on Somali writing, storytelling, and poetry that records our history, Rob. Not just for ourselves but for others to understand and future generations all over the world to know about us.”

To be able to continue in the work he’s doing Mohamed is still seeking financial support and funding. If there’s anyone who wants to purchase any copies of the work done by Mohamed or to learn more about the work he continues to do, contact 249 7033 or (0796) 621 032 or 45 Burngreave Road, S3 9DA.


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