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Issue 40 April 2004

International Women’s Day

by Farzana Ahmed

This was an event well organised by four young women – Abitsam, Anesar, Diane and Suria. They wanted to do something for the older generation of Arabic women because they felt that they always seem to miss out. This was also a celebration for what women have achieved in the Yemeni Community.

As I walked into the large room at Vestry Hall, Attercliffe, the aroma of incense, the laughing, cheering feeling of joy was tremendous. Most of the women were sitting around on chairs in front of a stage, where there were two young women, giving out raffle prices.

It was an all-round pampering day. There was henna hand painting, aromatherapy sessions for hand/shoulders, manicures, foot soaks, facials and Arabic dancing.

“It’s a fantastic day. I like the henna, I have had it done. Everyone is enjoying themselves and there is going to be nice food later.”
– Laila Muhsen

Towards the end of the day there was an awards ceremony. The ESOL tutors, Anesar Shaibi and Suendes Kabar, presented the certificates in Level 1 for Adult Learning, Speaking and Listening. Everyone was cheering and clapping as the people received their certificates. One woman said, “It has been a very good day, I am very happy to come today and receive my certificate and I would like to do more in speaking, writing and spelling. It’s also been a chance for me to relax.”

“The older generation of women feel a sense of achievement. They feel they have accomplished something in a second language.”
– Suendes Kabar

After the ceremony Arabic food was served which looked and smelt delicious and everyone seemed to be enjoying it.

For more information about Yemeni Community Association activities, contact: 261 8620.

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