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Issue 40 April 2004
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Burngreave United U7s.

Burngreave United U7s 2003–04:
P: 22 W: 6 D: 3 L: 13
F: 67 A: 85

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Great first season for Burngreave U7s

by Rob Jolley (Club Secretary)

After only having got a squad together in August and playing one friendly we didn’t know what to expect from the season. You could say we have out done all our expectations – you’d be right.

At the start of the season we said that if we won one game it would be something to build on but we’ve beat that out of sight. During the season we’ve seen players really come on strong and we think that every squad member has benefited from our twice (or thrice) weekly training sessions. It says something when scouts from local clubs come to our games and ask about our players. At the moment we have one player with the Sheffield Wednesday Academy.

After winning our second game of the season we then went six games without a win. But in that time we were improving and in some games very unlucky. At the turn of the year we went five games unbeaten, and at the time of writing have only lost two of our last eight games.We have scored over sixty goals and hopefully still more to come. A lot of credit must go to the coaches, mums, dads, aunts uncles, granddads and grandmas who have turned up every week and encouraged and shouted and cheered the team on.

I think we have done tremendously well to get where we are and make our opponents take notice of us, and we hope we can continue to improve every season we continue to play.

Results Feb/March
29th Feb: Lost to Greenhill & Lowedges 7–3
7th Mar: Won against Hillsborough Pumas 3–1


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