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Issue 40 April 2004
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Hedar Rasool.

Cricket Supremo

by Rob Smith

On Friday 12th March 2004 I felt quite honoured and privileged to interview 20-year-old Hedar Rasool. Having lived in Pitsmoor all his life, Hedar attended Whiteways and then went onto Firvale School. “I attended Fir Vale both before and after it changed.”

At the age of 15, playing for the Caribbean Cricket team, Hedar was spotted and asked to represent South Yorkshire’s under-15s and -17s academy of cricket. At eighteen he began playing for Shiregreen 1st team, before being spotted again by Sheffield Alliance CC cricket club, who play in the Sunday League.

Hedar also explains his close relationship with ex-Fir Vale teacher and cricket coach Steve Taylor and his son Bjorn. From being a childhood friend of Bjorn, Hedar has been encouraged, trained and supported by the Taylor family.

“Having completed the averages for Shiregreen CC, I was selected to go on a tour of Pakistan.” Along with other English team members selected from under 21s, Hedar recalls the excitement and achievements in a land renowned for the love of cricket. Reaching Pakistan, they played their first match against Lahore Cricket Academy.

“I took 54 wickets and five catches as well as two stumpings and scored 46 runs.” He informed me, again smiling proudly, relaxed and oozing with confidence, “This enabled our team to win you see Rob.” The team representing England continued touring Pakistan. At one match Hedar set the record as a wicketkeeper, taking eleven catches and ten stumpings.

Here in Burngreave, Hedar is doing a lot of work around Firs Hill School as a Play Worker and focusing on teaching sports. In doing this he is being fully supported by full-time teacher Bibi Hussain. “With cricket being my main sport I would like to encourage it amidst another generation. I recall last year’s sports development team’s inner primary school cricket tournament, and thought it was really good. It would be nice to see it happen again this year.” I began to realise what a great role model this young man was as he went on to talk about studying at university to become a qualified computer network engineer.

Involved in the newly initiated Burnwood Cricket Academy, Hedar is keen to see and encourage others to come and train. BCA runs sessions every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6pm till 7pm. For any further information on cricket training or the new club, contact 0786 626 6377.


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