NDC: A New Deal for Burngreave (prepared by the New Deal executive team).
Issue 40 April 2004

Achieving Results!

There’s a lot going on to try and improve educational achievement in Burngreave – such as study support, the Community Learning Campaign, Community Education Co-ordinators in schools, bilingual support workers in schools, and the development of community language schools, for example – but how will we know if all this hard work is paying off?

That’s one of the challenges facing Jon Cowley who has recently taken on the job of Education Theme Manager for Burngreave New Deal for Communities. An important step that’s recently been agreed is the recruitment of an Education Data Worker, whose role will be to take a very close look at the facts and figures around children’s and adults’ achievement in the New Deal area and identifying where particular projects have made an impact (see job ad).

“Improving educational achievement is a major aim for New Deal and a lot of innovative projects are already being supported. What we want to do now is find out exactly what impact they’re having, so that the Education Theme Group and Partnership Board can make informed decisions about where to target future resources.

“The Education Data Worker will create an important link between the Local Education Authority and Burngreave New Deal for Communities, enabling us to see clearly whether the significant additional resources being invested by New Deal are helping us achieve our objectives, such as improving performance at Key Stage 2, for example, and increasing the number of GCSE passes at grades A* to C.”

If you’d like to get involved in improving education for both children and adults in Burngreave, why not get involved in the Education Theme Group? The meeting on Wednesday, 5th May, will focus on study support.

To find out more, contact Jon on 292 2908,
or email him on joncowley@bndfc.co.uk.


Jon Cowley, Education Theme Manager for Burngreave New Deal for Communities.

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