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Issue 40 April 2004


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Dear Burngreave Messenger

Voices from many artists and many non-artists are looking towards the Vestry Hall as a focal point surrounded by many creative arts activities i.e. Sorby House, Furnival Centre, Specrtum Centre (formerly the Irish club) etc. Already these venues are making a positive impact for artists to express, to create, produce and build for the future.

Whether plans have already been made or not for the Vestry Hall is not an issue for me, although the opinions of others, whether negative or positive, is something I take on. At the end of the day, even negative vibes need to be heard, for we live in a community with different voices and opinions, and all need to be respected. I welcome them all, from whoever they may be from. We need to listen to both sides, and both sides need to do their research and be given the opportunity to present their case. I believe this hasn't really happened yet, and if it has, it hasn't been publicised well.

The vision is sustainability. In any business enterprise, in any service, the right venue counts. Its strategic place in the community counts. Millions are spent on corporate identity, millions are spent by companies on renovating buildings and on image, and image, whether people like it or not, is power. It is the symbol of what and who we are, and the deliverance of quality.

Whether a business delivers unprofessional service is mainly due to poor management and lack of strategy implementation. It is imperative to see that the Vestry Hall is a strategic venue, a world-class venue that needs all our attention.

The Creative Industries are growing fast. It is an awesome industry and anyone who says it isn't needs to get out of their box and check it out. We are losing out big time because many don't have either faith or vision! Sometimes we search far away from our own homes to amazing opportunities, and yet, right before our very own eyes, the greatest opportunity is staring at us in the face.

Look at this building and it’s amazing structure. Look at its crafted work, look and envisage a dream, a vision, a building that will help Sorby House, and many other Creative Cultural Arts activities surrounding this beautiful building, combining them to have a space once a month, to showcase their talent in a professional environment that brings the press, the TV and radio broadcasters.

Imagine seats like a theatre surrounding it, and artists space paid or subsidised because we're getting income from many outside of Burngreave, outiside Sheffield attending many Cultural Arts performances. This is a place to have our own theatre, imagine a place where we bring the world to us, imagine artists performing on stage and giving first class performances, imagine an amazing event where we hold an award ceremony to celebrate our communities, our artists, our workshops, our dreams and visions.

If people don’t believe such a beautiful dream can work, then let me take you to many places like Vestry Hall, which have been built or renovated in other cities, areas like Burngreave, and show you what can be done. You’d be amazed what happens when you just ‘believe and think for the social, welfare and economic of our communities.’ Vision, and sustainability, is what we need, and Vestry Hall is the place!

Adam Taha



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