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Issue 40 April 2004


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Dear Transport Executive, Messenger and New Deal,

I read in the Sheffield Star that not many residents near the proposed new tram routes (Ranmoor et al) had responded to consultation leaflets delivered to their homes.

We didn’t get a leaflet, as we live in the Pitsmoor/Burngreave area. However, if we had, we certainly would have replied with an enthusiastic YES!

I think it’s wrong for the better-off end of Sheffield to be prioritised – I understand that there is a traffic problem there, but through traffic also chokes up Owler Lane through Fir Vale and Barnsley/Burngreave Roads through Burngreave – why should we put up with it just because we live in the less-leafy suburbs?

In the ten years I’ve lived in Sheffield, I’ve seen enormous improvements all along the tram route to Meadowhall – retail parks and call centres, new jobs and businesses, new leisure and retail areas. West Street was a bit scruffy back then, a bit like the Wicker is now. The tram has helped bring new life to this area – now you can’t stop people building new bars, shops and apartments there! Could the tram help the Wicker to be as vibrant a part of the city centre as West Street, but serving our own diverse and culturally-rich community?

A tram route through the Wicker, up Spital Hill/Burngreave/
Barnsley Roads, could link the Hallamshire and Northern General Hospitals and revitalise our fantastic corner of the city. (It could even go out to Barnsley, letting it earn its ‘South Yorkshire Supertram’ name for real). It could come through Fir Vale to Rotherham via Meadowhall, getting rid of some of the traffic that chokes up this part of the city.

Would the people of Burngreave agree that our community would welcome the investment and improvements which could be offered by the tram? Could BNDfC regeneration money help to give ‘added value’ to such a scheme?

I’d like to know if this has been discussed. If there’s enough support I’m sure a community campaign to bring the tram through Burngreave could be launched.

Yours, Craig Pugh

Thank you for your email. Your support for the Supertram Extensions has been logged and passed to the External Relations department for their attention. If you require any further assistance, please reply to supertram@sypte.co.uk or telephone 221 1333 (Monday to Friday 0800–1700).

Kind regards, Comments Line
(South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive)



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