Burngreave Messenger.
Issue 40 April 2004

Everyone learns at school

by Rashida Hassanali
(CEC Firs Hill and St Catherine’s Primary Schools)

Community Education Co-ordinators (CEC) have been working since September 2003 in the four primary schools and three secondary schools that serve the Burngreave New Deal area.

Our role is to encourage parents, carers and other adults to use schools for learning. This includes learning for fun, training for work, learning to help your children and family life, getting more involved in your local community as a school governor or PTA member, joining in wider local activities in sport, play or the environment.

We have contact with other groups working in Burngreave, and try to ensure that the work we do complements theirs so you get the best possible choice of learning locally. Obviously we cannot provide every type of learning in each school, so we work closely with the Burngreave Community Learning Campaign to signpost courses and activities in the area.

Below are some of the activities and courses you can choose from in your local schools.


An adult learning computers on one of the courses.
Adults on a sewing course.

At Firs Hill

Beginners ESOL for women
Tuesdays/Thursdays 9.15–11.15am.

Intermediate ESOL for women
From May, Fridays 9.15–11.15am

Beginners ESOL for men
From May (contact Firs Hill School on 242 0109 for details)
Note: ESOL is ‘English as a Second or Other Language’

Yoga for women
£2, Fridays 9.15–10.30am (not 10–11am as previously advertised in the Messenger)

Computers for Beginners and Level One
Word processing, desk top publishing, databases or spreadsheets – you can choose.
Tuesdays, 9.15–11.15am

Halal Lunch Club for women over 50s
Thursdays 12.00–2.00pm

Aerobics for women
£1, Wednesdays 6.15–7.15pm

Sewing (Unit One OCN Garment Making)
Mondays 9.15–11.15am

After Easter there will be courses in helping children with reading and writing, basic food hygiene, parenting skills, making a multi-cultural story sack and Urdu for beginners. Some of these will be at St Catherine’s in the evenings. For details, please look out for posters in your doctor’s surgery or the New Deal Information Shop, newsletter from school or at learning.burngreave.net.

At Fir Vale

Driving Theory
Mondays 2–4pm

ECDL (European Computer Driving License)
Thursdays 6–9pm. We hope this course will also be starting on Tuesdays.

For more information contact Amjad Janjua on 243 9391 or (0796) 196 1541.


At Parkwood

Driving Theory Course
Wednesdays 9.30–11.30am. Transport provided from Pye Bank School.

Literacy and numeracy workshops are in the pipeline.

We would like to know about parents’ views on providing children with Halal meals at school.
Contact Zaidah Ahmed on 231 0221.

At Firth Park

Courses currently running are:

Authentic cooking
Wednesdays, 5–7pm. 13 women from several different backgrounds eg Yemeni, Somali and White women attend this course. Transport provided for Burngreave women.

Tuesdays, 6–7pm. 11 women at present all from diverse backgrounds. Transport provided for all Burngreave women.

Keeping up with your child
Tuesdays, 6.30–8pm
A course for parents to help them to understand what pupils undergo in seconday schools.
Parents Workshops are being held regularly every month on various topics.

Learn about Learning
For parents, evening 29th April.
Also Dads’ and Lads’ Football starting in April.
Interested in any of the above contact Zaidah Ahmed on 257 4027.

At Pye Bank and Bryon Wood

Unfortunately when this page was put together Derek Moxam was unavailable. For information about activities at these schools please contact him on 276 0475 (Pye Bank) and 272 3624 (Byron Wood).

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