Burngreave Messenger.
Issue 39 March 2004

Woodside Update

Concerns have been raised that the Woodside demolition will not be finished on time. Jean Burley of the Housing Office told the Messenger:

“There have been delays because of asbestos disposal, it can also take up to eleven weeks to get services such as water and electricity switched off by the private companies providing them. There are two residents still living in the wavey roofed houses so these houses are likely to remain standing until after March. But all the other properties should be down before April and landscaping has started.”

There were fears that if the work was not completed on time money available for landscaping would be lost. The money promised from New Deal is also dependant on a speedy demolition. Jean told us, “We do not expect to lose any funding, but we are still in negotiations with New Deal.”


Woodside now.


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