Burngreave Messenger.
Issue 39 March 2004

A focus for the Black community

by Rob Smith & Bernadette Grocock

On 29th January SYAC held a community engagement day at the SADACCA Community Centre to inform people about the forth coming transfer of SYAC from Council control into the hands of the community.

After sharing a large array of West Indian and diverse cuisine, we were asked to move inside the main hall to discuss these important issues.

Bernadette Grocock, SYAC Manager, opened the meeting explaining that this year Sheffield’s Black community will regain control of SYAC. “There is a need for the centre to remain a focus of the Black community” said Bernadette.

Formerly known as the ACE Centre, it ran into financial difficulties that led to receivership, but can now boast a complete and successful turnaround.

Bernadette explains the background and significance of this event and thanks all those who took part and have helped to make this happen.

“SYAC Limited is a registered company limited by guarantee. It was incorporated on 27th October 1995. It was originally called ‘South Yorkshire African Caribbean Business and Enterprise Training Centre Limited’, but immediately became known as SYAC, so on 10th November 1997 the name was officially changed.

“At the moment Sheffield City Council is the only member of SYAC Limited. It was originally set up like this as an interim measure pending arrangements to transfer control to the African Caribbean community. The Council has used its power to appoint a board of Directors, which is predominantly drawn from the community. There are currently six Directors, five from the African Caribbean community and one from the Council.

“The proposed transfer of control will be achieved by appointing a number of predominantly African Caribbean organisations as members of SYAC Limited and the Council will remain as a member, but in a minority capacity. It is also proposed that at the time the Company is transferred to the community the Council would grant a 20-year lease of the Centre to the Company at a peppercorn rent.

“Following the transfer of control of the company to the community, the company may wish to seek registration as a charity.

“We are working towards completion of the transfer for the beginning of April this year.”

For further detail about the transfer on SYAC please contact the Manager. Bernadette Grocock on 223 2100 or email syacltd@hotmail.com.



Caretaker needed for SYAC building

20 hours per week - evenings
£5.50 per hour

Deadline for application:
Monday 29th March

For more information and an application form contact Mrs B Grocock on 223 2100

jobs! jobs! jobs!



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