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   Issue 39 March 2004
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Young boy playing basketball.

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N.D.C. Burngreave.

The Burngreave Ballers!

Basketball is one of the country’s most popular sports and is a fantastic way of getting active!

The Fir Vale Basketball Development Centre, takes place on Saturday mornings 9.30–11.00am at Fir Vale Sports Centre and offers children and young people aged 10–16 the opportunity to access good quality, local coaching.

The sessions have been well received so far, however we are still looking for more people to get involved!

Basketball for Girls

These sessions offer separate coaching for boys and girls. The Centre has three female coaches and are particularly interested in getting more girls involved in order to develop a team to represent the area.

Verdon Street Women’s Team

There are opportunities for women to get involved in basketball through friendly coaching sessions. These are suitable for all from beginners to more experienced players. The club is keen to attract new members to participate and meet on Tuesday 6–8pm at Verdon Recreation Centre. So come on girls get involved!

For more information on all of the above, please contact Katy Burnett on 273 5548.

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