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   Issue 39 March 2004
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Cathy Everard with  student.

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Self defence sessions at Fir Vale

In November 2003 we featured an article on local taekwondo instructor, Cathy Everard, who has been delivering a variety of martial arts based sessions in Burngreave. Sessions at Fir Vale School have been targeting 14–16 year old female students, allowing them to participate in martial arts based physical activity.

Around eight girls have been regularly attending these sessions, learning a variety of skills and techniques. These sessions have proven so successful that several of the girls are going to begin work towards their taekwondo belts as part of a six-week course supported by the school’s PE department and the Burngreave Sports Project.

Congratulations to Cathy and the girls on the commitment that they have shown to this activity so far!

For any other women and girls over 13 living in the area who are interested in becoming involved with self defence and martial arts, Cathy, in association with the Burngreave sports project, runs an open session Tuesdays 7–8 at Fir Vale sports centre (£2 for adults, £1.50 for juniors)


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