Burngreave Messenger.
Issue 39 March 2004

Spectrum – learning and more

by Rob Smith

I went to meet Adel Hassan, co-ordinator of what is becoming a prime centre of community activity, education and convenience to those it serves. Adel is eager to promote a new project, Access to Employment for Arabic speakers, being developed for those who use this centre.

Adel sees a need for this project, as he sees unemployment amongst Arabic-speaking members of this community as very, very high.

"This is due to many reasons Rob, mainly the lack of knowledge in our English employment procedure as well as the language both becoming a major barrier."

The Spectrum Centre already caters for English-speaking classes and works in close conjunction with Sheffield College on English-speaking and writing courses and their accreditations.

The centre is open from 10am until 3pm and the access to employment programme will run from Monday to Friday. Adel is also keen to stress that the centre’s doors are open for the use of many other community groups, who wish to hold functions, meetings, parties or celebrations.

For further information or booking feel free to contact Adel Hassan at the Spectrum Centre, 105 Brunswick Road, S3 9LQ or on 275 4571.

email: job@the-spectrum-centre.info

The project also has a website at:



Access to Employment: Do you speak Arabic? Do you live in Burngreave? Are you looking for permanent or voluntary work? Do you need interpretation or guidance? Do you require understanding of the employment system in the UK?  (This image contains details in Arabic).

A learner at the Spectrum Centre.

A learner at the Spectrum Centre.

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