NDC: A New Deal for Burngreave (prepared by the New Deal executive team).
Issue 39 March 2004

Website Extra!National Audit Office:
Early Progress Report on the New Deal for Communities Programme

Available for download here is Audit Office Report on the first 3 years of the Government’s New Deal for Communities programme nationally.

The report looks at Community Involvement; Sound Processes; Partnership Development and Sustainability and compares New Deal to other regeneration programmes across the world.

The report finds that the level of community involvement is high compared to similar programmes in other parts of the world, but that the process of community involvement can be slow and hold up delivery. Areas for improvement include communication with local communities.

In general the report is positive and shows that our experiences in Burngreave have been reflected nationally and that Burngreave is probably amongst the more successful programmes nationally.


National Audit Office: An Early Progress Report on the New Deal for Communities Programme (click to download file).

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