NDC: A New Deal for Burngreave (prepared by the New Deal executive team).
Issue 39 March 2004

Reach for the Skies!

A number of Burngreave schools are showing dramatic improvements and every year children from all communities in Burngreave go to university. But, at the same time, we know that many children are still failing to reach their full potential.

That’s why BNDfC is funding a whole range of projects which help children with homework, support revision for GCSEs and important tests, and projects which help children who are getting into difficulties with school.

If you are concerned about your child’s progress, talk through with their teacher whether they need extra help, then contact your Community Education Co-ordinator or the projects directly:
All projects are open to all, though some are directed at children with particular first languages.

The Furnival Cellar Project runs Homework Clubs Tuesdays and Wednesdays and provides support for 11–15 year olds with attendance issues referred through schools – contact Di Lee on 272 7497.

Catch the Drift Project at All Saints Community Centre supports children with school attendance difficulties. Referrals are usually through schools. Contact Courtney or Anna on 256 2940.

Somali Education Breakthrough
Waxay samaysaa caawimo waxbarasho oo ardayda dugsiyada hoose iyo kuwa sareba ah iyagoo ay caawinayaan macalimiin aqoon u leh macalinimada iyo ardayda jaamacadaha iyagoo u caawinaya mid mid ama kooxba.

Isniinta ilaa jimcaha fiidkii 6–8pm. la xidhiidh: Ismael Yussuf 275 9040.

IT Community School and Subject Support Project
Taageerid waxbarasho oo loogu talo galay ardayda dugsiyada hoose iyo dugsiyada sareba gaar ahaana culayska saaraya ITga meeshuna tahay xarunta Ellesmere Road, Isniinta ilaa jimcaha galabtii iyadoo si joogta ah ay u soo booqdaan Sheffield Wednesday Study Support & Learning Centre marka lagu daro kulamo ciyaareed.

La xidhiidh Mohammed Issa (0796) 022 9140.




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