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Issue 39 March 2004


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Dear Messenger,

I believe John would have a lot of support from the community for an open air market (letters, page 3, February 2004). Artists would love such an opportunity to showcase their creative talent, whether they paint, make pottery or mosaics as well as other possiblities like fruit and home-made food.

I think it is a wonderful idea, and would love to see such a thing happen as it will enrich the Burngreave area even more, bring people together, celebrate people’s talents and the diverse communities and their cultures. So John, you get my vote, and I am sure many will be writing in to the Messenger backing the idea.

I don’t know if the information is correct, but I heard that the Vestry Hall in Burngreave would be turned into a Training Centre. We already have computer-training at the Spectrum Centre and one in Attercliffe, and I am sure there will be opportunities to open more. But to use Vestry Hall as a training centre, I don’t agree with it at all. They should use Sorby House – it’s an ideal place.

The Vestry Hall is ideal for vision! It should be a symbol of Burngreave talents, a venue that can be worked on to revive Burngreave through arts, dance, performance/drama, and music, inviting not just Burngreave communities to the venue but bring the world to Burngreave. We can find any other place for training and education, but we cannot have a building like Vestry Hall again. It is an opportunity to celebrate culture through music and arts – a golden opportunity which many of us are overlooking.

It can be the first ever Community Theatre, a place to inspire artists of all ages. It can be an amazing venue, renovated with splendid acoustic sound. The artists in Burngreave haven’t one place, not one, to show their talents.

I’d also like to know who owns the building – is it the City Council? [yes – ed] It definitely would be a pity if it is renovated for a training centre instead of something that can be used bring the community together and put Burngreave on the map. I think artists in Burngreave wake up and see this is an ideal place and start to get together and make it happen. Don't let this beautiful venue, this building that can play a major role for vision for artists. This is the place you so wanted and searched for, come together and fight for it!

I really would like to know what the community of Burngreave thinks in your letter section. Thanks.

Adam Taha



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