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Issue 39 March 2004

Goodwill Community Centre.Goodwill in Fir Vale

by Rob Smith

The Goodwill Community Centre on Rothay Road, Fir Vale is generating a lot of community involvement, explained Treasurer/Centre Manager Omer Abdulqader.

Prince Nasseem Hamed purchased the building over four years ago, with the intention of creating a community centre to help develop education and employment skills for those in this section of the community. Omer said: “We also target the youths to keep them off the streets with activities, organizing trips to many different cities and we put on adventure camping holidays.”

The Centre is also represented by two football teams – the 11–16s and 16 and overs. “They play at Concord every Thursday and Friday,” added Omer. “We also do taekwondo for beginners and kung fu for elders and charge an admission fee of £1 per session. This is open to everyone.”

I then followed Omer around the building as he took me downstairs to see the refurbishment now taking place. Already equipped with one computer suite, Omer explained that they run courses – some accredited by Sheffield College – in English, New Clait, Sewing, Hair & Beauty, Arabic, community skills. They also run some courses through the Adult Community learning service and will be joining with courses run through the WEA.

Downstairs in the basement the refurbishment of a brand new IT suite was in progress and near completion, alongside a new sewing classroom and the centre’s newly-furnished youth club, which was opened last month. The refurbishment of the basement and the yard has been funded through SRB4 and the computers purchased by the centre.

“We will be having a grand opening in 2004,” said Omer, “And I shall keep the Messenger informed.” So watch this space.

For any further information on all the courses and activities taking place in the Goodwill Community Centre, you can contact Omer Abdulqader on 243 3505 or (0788) 148 4338.

Goodwill Centre Courses Schedule


Omer Abdulqader in the Goodwill Community Centre computer suite.


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