Burngreave Messenger.
Issue 39 March 2004

Stop waiting – make your bid!

by Richard Belbin

From 3rd March, if you are waiting to hear about the offer of a council home – stop waiting! New offers will no longer be sent to those on the waiting list. Instead applicants will be able to visit their local Housing Office, or the city centre Property Shop, to choose from whichever properties are available.

‘Choice Based Lettings’, as the scheme is called, have been trialled in the south of the city since 2001, with the large majority of users finding it an improvement over the previous system. Applicants can see what properties are available, in every part of the city, and put in an offer.

The advert for each property will say what sort of household will be considered, for example the minimum numbers of people for the property, and they will then be allocated according to how long someone has been on the waiting list, rather than by the current points system – though there will also be special priority for people with an ‘urgent and immediate housing need’.

Properties will be also be advertised in the Ad Mag and online at:


For those people who cannot get to an office, home phone calls will be made upon request, and Housing Services are working with a wide range of community groups, and translating information about the service into thirteen languages to ensure that no one misses out on the new system.

By letting properties quicker, not only will the service to tenants be improved, but the Council will also have increased spending power, due to the extra revenue from the lettings and savings on repairs, since properties will be empty for short periods and so will not be vandalised.

For more information contact Burngreave Housing Office on
203 9349.



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