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Issue 39 March 2004

Sheffield Women's Forum

Can you help Sheffield Women's Forum?

Can Sheffield Womens Forum help your organisation ?

Sheffield Women's Forum has been successful in attracting grant aid for a part-time administrator / clerical assistant for one year

Sheffield Women's Forum understands that there may be a women's voluntary organisation who currently employs a woman part-time and who would like their hours increased .

Sheffield Women's Forum is looking for such an organisation to work alongside who would be willing to increase their worker hours and in return receive a management fee for doing this to cover payroll etc .

Sheffield Women's Forum would supervise the worker. The woman employed would be expected to take minutes at the monthly meetings, circulate them and undertake other administrative duties as advised by Sheffield Women's Forum.

Organisations interested in discussing these proposals further should contact

Sheffield Women's Forum,
5 Brown St,
Sheffield S1 2 BS.

email: swf.sywdt@workstation.org.uk


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