logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 33 - August 2003.
Festive Summer in Burngreave

Many Rivers
by Rob Smith

Many rivers to cross – the voice of Jimmy Cliff opened up this memorable festive occasion, celebrating Refugee Week, at Fir Vale School.

The sight of many white balloons held aloft on string beside over a hundred uniformed pupils caused a slow down in passing traffic.

Songs of peace from the school choir preceded dancing performed by children visiting from nearby Owler Brook Infant School. Later Iqbal Jamaal entertained us with songs in many languages including Punjabi, Urdu and Arabic.

Headteacher Hugh Howe reminded us of the unity that this new school has been built on, saying, “People of all nationalities, religions and cultural backgrounds are present here today, as they are every day of the school term, working together in diversity and harmony.”

Thanking Mr Mohamed and support staff for presenting the refugee week celebration, Mr Howe proudly announced the end of this event with the releasing of those many balloons.