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On the beat!

BNDfC regeneration worker Farhat Javed, who is also a local resident, was one of the first Burngreave residents to accept an invitation from the BNDfC Police Team to join them for a day on the beat.

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Farhat spent the day with PCs Jay Pateyl and Gary Bernes to find out what it’s really like being part of the community policing team. She said she found the day really interesting, but was shocked at the amount of abuse they received:

“The police took a lot of abuse and I was really shocked at how they were treated. We didn’t make any arrests – a lot of the day was spent having a quiet word with people who were speeding or driving dangerously, and we also spent a few hours at the hospital with a woman resident who needed

Sergeant Adrian Fox of the BNDfC Police Team said they would welcome enquiries from residents or organisations with a specific interest in community policing in Burngreave:

“The more people know about what we do and how we do it,
the more successful it will be. To get in touch, email
adrian.fox@southyorks.pnn.police.uk or give us a ring on
296 4381.”