N.D.C. A New Deal for Burngreave.
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The contents of these pages are prepared by the New Deal executive team.

A Great Deal for Burngreave

Some of you may have read the recent articles in the Star suggesting that the City Council is ‘stepping in’ to sort out ‘problems’ within BNDfC – I would like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Council has now recognised the progress that has been achieved by New Deal and is entering into a partnership with us to bring more and better services to the area – including better street lighting, support for homeowners with maintenance, more street cleaners and new community wardens.

Detailed negotiations between BNDfC and the City Council have resulted in a three-year plan – Advancing Together – in which Sheffield City Council has made a commitment to continuing to deliver at least the level of services it already provides, with BNDfC buying in a package of additional activity to deliver significant improvements to local people’s lives.

Included in the agreement are substantial renovations and improvements to Spital Hill, the Vestry Hall and Sorby House – three key landmarks that we all want to see improved to bring much-needed resources back into community use and bring major benefits to the local environment. The City Council will manage the delivery of these projects, which includes bringing in large amounts of additional funding from other sources.

Other details of the agreement – thought to be the first of this kind – include the City Council covering all management overheads, so that all the BNDfC funding will go directly on additional services, recruitment of local people to fill newly created jobs, and a clear opportunity for local people to have a significant influence on how the services are provided.

Since BNDfC was first established, people’s priorities have remained constant – you have told us you want cleaner, safer streets, with better lighting, community wardens and a general upgrade of the area. This is a real opportunity to make major progress and to quickly bring the visible and real improvements that are important to you.

Our agreement with the City Council also includes priority being given to recruiting local people. There will be fifteen new jobs created immediately, with many more as the work develops, and Jobnet on Spital Hill will be able to offer support to local people in applying for the vacancies.

Overall, we believe this is an excellent deal for Burngreave. Significant additional resources will be invested in doing something which we know is a top priority for local people.  The overall development of future service delivery will be firmly in the hands of local people through the NDC Theme Groups and also through us, your community representatives on the Partnership Board. It’s going to be a real breakthrough and should soon be making a significant difference.

Rose Ardron, Chair of BNDfC Partnership Board


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