logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 33 - August 2003.

Free Diabetes Checks
by Mark Lankshear

Are you one of the million people in the UK who don’t know they’ve got diabetes?

Usually the body controls the amount of sugar in the blood at a steady level using hormones it makes, like insulin. As some people get older their body gradually loses this ability, and the ‘blood sugar’ gets out of control. At first you don’t notice, but as it goes on this can cause symptoms like the ones below.

Always thirsty? Always tired? Frequently passing water? Blurred vision?

If it is picked up early you can often regain control of your blood sugars, helping your body by improving your diet and taking regular exercise. Even if this isn’t possible diabetes can often be treated with tablets, but sometimes insulin is needed. Doctors are convinced that if you get your sugars under control you can avoid the long term effects of diabetes like heart disease, kidney, eye and circulation damage.

Lloyds Pharmacy - your local health authority.

Lloyds Pharmacy are offering free health screenings, including weight, height, blood pressure and blood sugar checks. Alpa Ghelani, who has been the pharmacist at Ellesmere Green for four years, explained they have already seen nearly one hundred people and offer advice about diet and lifestyle and will refer to your GP if needed and you agree.

“I want to do more than just dispense medicines. This is just the kind of community where many people will have diabetes but not know about it or understand it, but we have staff who come from the community and can speak several languages.”

So if you think you’d like a check up why not drop into our local pharmacy, no appointment necessary!

BCAF Health Working Group
“Together we can make it happen”

Following the BCAF Quarterly Meeting focusing on health issues BCAF have launched a new working group to campaign around health issues in the area.

  • Landfill Site
  • Postcode Lottery of Health
  • Advocacy and Advice
  • Culturally Appropriate services
  • Poor working conditions
  • Young carers
  • Complementary therapies
  • Opportunities for exercise
  • Chest disease

If you have health concerns why not come to the next meeting at 12 Burngreave Road, 5.30pm Thursday 28th August or contact the BCAF office on 272 8008.