Burngreave Area Panel.
Issue 33 - August 2003
Sheffield City Council.
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  These pages prepared by Stuart Bolton, Area Panel Co-ordinator.





Third Round of Community Chest Awards

Your Burngreave Area Panel met at the beginning of June to decide on the third round of the Community Chest fund. Seven groups applied and they all received an award. We wish all the groups every success in their work and hope they will come to an Area Panel meeting to tell us how they have got on.

If you have a good idea to help improve Burngreave and would like to put in an application to the next round of the Community Chest then get in touch.

Sheffield Senior Citizens’ Fellowship
To help put on a residential weekend for Burngreave’s elderly disabled people. £200

Burngreave Problem Busters
A social trip to Birmingham for local black and ethnic minority women. £200

Somali Women’s Disability Scheme
To buy equipment for their crèche. £200

St Peter’s and Ellesmere Scout Group
To take local young people to an outdoor activity centre. £200

The Burngreave Garden Project
To buy tools for their gardening service for old people, disabled and lone parents. £200

Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service
To buy a bench and plants for the garden area. £200

Nagshbandi Mevlevi Society (NMS)
To promote the groups work running classes in the eastern dance Dervish Silat. £200

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