logo Burngreave Messenger Issue 32 - June 2003

Lighten up with Yoga in Burngreave
By Steve Avian

Hatha yoga? It goes back thousands of years as an art of well being. Ancient sages, living close to nature and seeking wisdom, were inspired to create it, with the idea that you can enjoy and learn best from life if your mind and body are healthy.

The benefits of yoga are unending and anyone, whatever their age and ability can practice it. In yoga we supple, strengthen and energise the body and learn how to ease the mind through gentle movements, postures and breathing and relaxation exercises.

Yoga reminds you that whatever goes on out there in the world, there is always a great source of joy and inspiration within you. In this sense yoga is spiritual, but it isn’t a religion.

I took up yoga teaching in 1997 and still marvel at how it can open up students to a greater life. I’m running sessions at St Catherine’s Church Hall on Burngreave Road, Tuesdays 12.45–1.45pm. They cost £3.50, and you’ll need to bring a blanket or large towel. Contact me on 267 0314 if you’d like to join!

Barbara Sellers also runs yoga classes at Roe Lane Community Centre on Tuesdays, from 6.00–7.30pm (temporary times – may change after the summer) and Bishopsholme Community Centre in Longley (free for local residents) Tuesdays 7.30–9.00pm. Phone 243 6040 for further details.

Yoga for the mind
by Georgina Valentine

Now you’ve relaxed your body – how about relaxing your mind?

Discovering your own inner peace and a fresh outlook on life costs nothing and is easier than you think. The Brahma Kumaris have been providing free Meditation and Positive Thinking courses in Burngreave for the last two years to both groups and individuals. Many people have enjoyed and benefitted from the practical, open-eyed Raja Yoga Meditation course which lasts for eight sessions. Most courses have taken place at Pitsmoor Dental Surgery at evenings or weekends. If you are interested please phone 230 6781. We would be happy to arrange a course for you.